EUROBUS – Towards a EURopean OBservatory of the non-indigenous calanoid copepod Pseudodiaptomus marinUS

Biological invasions represent a serious threat to aquatic ecosystems, and are presently a major issue in the scientific community. Among invasive copepods, the calanoid Pseudodiaptomus marinus shows a great invasive attitude: since 1950s this species, native to the Indo-Pacific region, has started the colonisation of several coastal and transitional areas of the Pacific Ocean. Over the last 15 years, the presence of P. marinus has been documented in European waters (Mediterranean Sea, European Atlantic coasts, Southern North Sea), and the number of recordings is stably increasing.
The main goal of EUROBUS is to define the present state of the European invasion by P. marinus and the identification of future perspectives in studies focusing on this species. In particular, the meeting would represent a forum through which monitoring in real time the evolution of the distributional range of this species in European waters, relating its spreading to the different potential means of introduction and environmental conditions in the invaded environment.